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n.   a group of people who come together to achieve a common goal

Our Vision

Ally Building Solutions provides finish products, installation, and design studio services to new home production builders, custom builders and multi-family projects in Orlando, Jacksonville, Ocala and Tampa, FL.

Built on 30 plus years of industry experience, we strive to deliver high quality products, expert workmanship and exceptional service in an efficient timeframe that meets your needs.

By partnering with our clients, we are able to offer customized solutions that produce exceptional results.  At Ally Building Solutions, we are YOUR dedicated, resource partner.

Working Together Towards YOUR Success


Be Extraordinary

Our builder partners trust us to provide outstanding products and services, and we take that seriously. We will overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.


Refuse to Settle

We’re constantly developing, testing, and improving to make sure we’re delivering the best experience possible. We never settle because we believe there’s always an opportunity to do better


Thrive Together

Our success is driven by our ability to build relationships, break silos, connect across teams, and unlock each other’s potential. We will bring our passions, creativity, and expertise together, and inspire each other to achieve great things.


Engage Fearlessly

We bring passion and energy to work, knowing that active participation is essential to create better outcomes. We value those who speak thoughtfully, act with empathy, encourage and respect diversity of opinion and listen carefully with an open mind.


Steve Spade, CEO & Founder

Our History

Steve’s vision, passion and commitment to the building industry started at the age of 17, when he became an apprentice for an installation company.

By his mid-twenties, this young entrepreneur had already launched his first floorcovering company.

The company originated in the Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey area. By 1989 his hard work, determination, and true grit resulted in the creation of one of the largest and most successful businesses in the industry.

Over the next 30+, he continued to work his magic and carved out a unique niche in Florida’s rapidly evolving home building industry.

The result? Exponentially growing his company by providing multiple products and installation services for new homebuilders.

In 2013, Steve launched Ally Building Solutions!

His reputation and longtime connections in the building industry allowed Ally Building Solutions to quickly make an impact on the industry Steve has served for more than 35 years.

Today, the company works closely with new home production builders, custom builders and multi-family projects by providing them with customized design studios, flooring, cabinetry and countertops, along with many other products and services

“Ally Building Solutions is the next generation of my first company, Traditional Floorcovering of Florida,” explains Steve. “Many of our original team members are still with me today. We have the finest talent in the industry and our dedication and commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do.”

Our Experienced Team


Julie Topping
Design Studio Manager

Julie has spent her entire professional career in the new home construction industry. Her experience in purchasing, marketing, model merchandising, and design studio management has allowed her to be involved in the home building process from every concept to completion!

She understands the meaning of providing exemplary customer service throughout the entire home building process and is dedicated to ensuring the ultimate customer experience.

As Ally’s Design Studio Manager Julie is responsible for hiring and training all Design Consultants, overseeing the build out and installation process for all design studios, and ensuring that the experience for both the buyer and the builder exceeds their expectations.

Julie’s eye for detail, commitment to superior service, and vast knowledge of the construction process are her ‘super powers’ and she is ready to put them to work for you!


Phil Spade
President | Orlando Operations

Phil began his professional flooring career at the age of 19. Always looking up to his older brother, Steve, Phil followed in his footsteps but also carved out his own unique path.

Both Steve and Phil are second generation flooring professionals, having followed their mother, who worked as a manager for an installation company.  One could say it’s in their blood!

In addition to owning his own flooring installation firm, Phil also worked with other flooring companies where he mastered his skill set in sales, production, and operations. In 1991, Steve reached out to Phil to join him at Traditional Floor Covering. Phil immediately accepted and together they started the journey that would eventually lead to Ally Building Solutions. After the Home Depot acquisition, Phil stayed on and became the SE Regional Director.

In 2014, Steve once again reached out to his trusted colleague and brother to join him at Ally Building Solutions. Phil accepted the challenge and the rest is history!